Our Scientific Advisory Board

The International FOXG1 Foundation would like to introduce you to our Genetics Liaison and the members of our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). We are honored that each of these individuals accepted our invitation to help guide us in the planning and execution of the IFF Research Roadmap. This is an exciting time in International FOXG1 Foundation’s story; with the insight and wisdom of this incredible team, we can do this.

Elli Brimble, MSc, MS, CGC, Lucile Packard’s Children’s Hospital at Stanford has joined us as the foundation’s Genetics Liaison. We are working together to create a map of all research being done worldwide, where the gaps are that we need to fill, and which researchers have the strongest prospects to get to clinical trials. Our Director of Strategy and Biotech, Nasha Fitter, met Elli during her search for a diagnosis for her daughter, Amara.

Dr. Heather Olson, MD, MS, Children’s Hospital Boston, Assistant in Neurology, Instructor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School. Dr. Olson comes to us from the #1 Pediatric hospital in the world. When bringing her son, Jacob, to his initial evaluation for the NIH RETT, CDKL5, MECP2 and FOXG1 Natural History Study, our Executive Director, Heather Norwood, was very impressed by her knowledge and dedication to rare diseases. Dr Olson has recently opened a FOXG1 clinic at Children’s Hospital Boston, and is assisting our Genetics Liaison, Elli Brimble, with the creation of a sister clinic at Stanford.

Dr. Orrin Devinsky, MD. NYU Langone Medical Center, Professor, Department of Neurology, Department of Neurosurgery, Department of Psychiatry, Chief of Service, NYU Epilepsy Service. Dr. Devinsky and his colleagues recently published a study regarding a cannabis-based drug for treatment-resistant epilepsy, showing promising results. He comes to IFF through Nicole Johnson, our Director of Communications & Media, who contacted Dr. Devinsky while seeking treatment for her daughter, Josie, regarding her intractable seizures.

Dr. Walter Kaufmann, Ravenel Boykin Curry Chair in Genetic Therapeutics, Professor of Neurology, Greenwood Genetic Center. Dr Kaufmann is a clinician and researcher with a focus on developing new and innovative therapies for genetic disorders associated with intellectual disability and autism. Dr Kaufmann has met not only our Executive Director and her son, but also our President, Ileana Giordani and her daughter, Bella.