The FoxG1 website uses the Virtue theme from Kadence Themes. Documentation can be found at All images and files can be found in the Media section of the website. From there, you can add more images, upload documents, delete files, etc. Most of the text from the website can be found in the Pages section. Simply click, edit and Publish. For most of the pages, you need to select a template from the drop menu on the right-hand side. It controls how the page will look like, whether it has a top menu, whether it will have a sidebar or if it will have a big image as a Feature. The most common ones to use are
  • Feature: Big image or a slideshow below the menu bar. Content of the page is shown below the Feature and spans the full width of the page.
  • Feature-Sidebar: Same as Feature, but with a sidebar.
  • Fullwidth: Shows the content of the page below the menu, and spans the full width.
  • Sidebar: Same as Fullwidth, but with a sidebar.
  • Blog: Entries from the Posts section of WordPress are shown one after the other ordered by date.
Once you pick a Template, and save the page, additional options will appear below. For example, if a template with a sidebar is selected, there will be a dropdown for you to select which sidebar to show. If a Feature template is picked, there will be options to show an image, an image carrousel or a slideshow.

Home Page

The big slide can be edited by clicking on Kadence Slider, and selecting the HomePage. The 3 columns with icons can be edited by clicking in Theme Options, Home Layout and scrolling down to the section titled “Home Icon Menu” The content of the page that appears after can be edited by clicking in Pages, and selecting “AAA HomePage” The Social Icons are controlled by the plugin “Ultimate Social Media Plus”. Add the special code [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] anywhere you want it displayed. Additional options, including custom icons can be found in its settings.

Products & Apps

To add a new Product or App, click in Posts, then Add New. Type the title and the content of the article. Select a category on the right sidebar. It defines whether this will appear in the Products or the Apps page. Click in Select a Featured Image and choose one of the images from the library. You can upload an image from that screen as well. From the options below, select:
  • Head Content: Image
  • Post Summary: Portrait Image
Then click Publish to make it live. You can change the order that the posts appear by changing the date when the article was published. More recent articles will appear first. Click on “Published on” and select a date. Make sure to click on Update button to save the changes.

Faces of FoxG1

The page for each child is stored under Portfolio. Create a new “Face of FoxG1” by clicking in Portfolio, then Add New. Type the name of the child in the title. Add the name of the author in Subtitle. Enter the story in the main window. If you upload an image in the beginning of the story, click on it and select “Left Alignment” in order to push it to the left. Set the Link To field to None. You may need to select the appropriate Image Size to Full. Ideally, the image should be 645px wide. Select the corresponding Location as the Portfolio Type (right column) Set the Featured Image. This image will appear for each child in the grid at the landing page for the Faces of FoxG1. It should be 270px x 270px. From the options below, select:
  • Project Layout: “Three rows”
  • Project Options: “None”
  • Choose Portfolio Parent Page: “Faces of FoxG1”

Portfolio Types

The portfolio feature can be used in many different areas of the website. We can create different portfolio types to separate content. All articles created under the type “Faces of FoxG1” will be shown in the page. Sub-types were created for each geographical area to help filtering and navigation. Additional categories can be created under Portfolio, Portfolio Type.


The store follows the same principle as the Faces of FOXG1. There is a new Portfolio Type called “IFF Store”. Any portfolio item created with that type will appear in the Store. To add a new item, click in Portfolio, then Add New. Under Portfolio Type on the right column, select “IFF Store”. Upload or choose the Featured Image, it should be 270px x 270px. Enter the title, type the description in the main window. From the options below, select:
  • Project Layout: “Beside”
  • Project Options: “Image” for a single image, or “Image Grid”/”Carousel Slider” for multiple images.
  • Value1 Title and Description: Additional information
  • External Website and Website Address: The link to the page to order.
  • Choose Portfolio Parent Page: “Store”
If an Image Grid was selected, upload the pictures in the option “Portfolio Slider Images” If an Excerpt is entered, it will appear below the title on the landing page for the Store.

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