Is acid reflux common?

Very. Again, it has to do with the low muscle tone affecting the sphincters, which are valves that open and close to form a one-way road down into the esophagus and stomach. They do not have the muscle tone needed to keep them closed, which allows stomach contents to flow backup into the esophagus. A gastroenterologist can help you manage this symptom. The doctor may order various tests to determine if the reflux is causing aspiration, (when the reflux is coming so far up the esophagus the individual is at risk for breathing it into the lungs), which can cause an infection. This is one of the reasons for potential g-tube placement, and occasionally the physician may recommend a fundoplication, a procedure that involves taking where the esophagus meets the stomach and maneuvering it to block the reflux from happening. A g-tube is also placed as a fundoplication can inhibit the ability for the individual to vomit and relieve gas through burping, and the g-tube will allow for venting to remove the air bubbles.