Our foxes are everywhere!!
At the moment there are over 100 families diagnosed. If you have a child with a FOXG1 condition, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to get added to the map.

Get on the map!

This is a shared Google map and requires you have a Google account to edit/add your location. If you do not have a Google account, send us an email and we can add your information for you.

  1. Log into Google
  2. Click here to open the map for editing.
  3. Click ‘edit’ on the menu on the left.
  4. Zoom to your location using the zoom tool (+ at bottom right)
  5. Click ‘Add Marker’ from the menu at top to leave a pin at desired location.
  6. Complete your information. Include the type of mutation if known.
  7. Click ‘Save’